How to Take Care of Your Skin After Tattoo Removal

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How to Take Care of Your Skin After Tattoo Removal

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There are a few things that you need to know and make sure you do when receiving tattoo removal sessions. If these guidelines are not strictly adhered to, it mat greatly affect the outcome of the tattoo removal process and potentially even leave scarring. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind after the removal session.


  1. A cold compress and elevation are recommended to help reduce discomfort and inflammation for the next 24 hours.
  2. Avoid physical activity, hot showers and saunas For the next 24 hours.
  3. Apply Aquaphor, Neosporin, Polysporin, Silvadine or A&D Ointment with bandage for the next 2 weeks. Change the dressing daily.
  4. Avoid direct sun exposure, hot tubs, pool water and salt water until tattoo is healed (roughly 1-2 weeks). AVOID HIGH-PRESSURE WATER ON THE TREATED AREA.
  5. Keep the treated area clean and dry while it is healing. Clean the area with antibacterial soap if needed and then pat the area dry.
  6. Immediately after treatment, there may be erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) at the treatment site. This usually lasts 1-2 hours or longer. The erythema may last up to 10 days. Some scabbing, blistering, light bleeding and itching may occur.
  7. If you do blister, DO NOT pop, continue to apply one of the recommended ointments until the blister has popped naturally.
  8. Do not pick at the scab or allow the skin to become dry or scrapped, this may result in infection and scarring. Shaving should be avoided in the treated area until it is COMPLETELY healed (7-14 days)
  9. You may notice that blistering may occur in some treatments and not in others. If blistering does not occur, it does not mean that your most recent treatment was less aggressive or your treatment is not working. Sometimes your body will react, while other times it will not. Regardless, the treatment is working.
  10. You may take only Tylenol to help with discomfort. Avoid aspirins, ibuprofens and naproxen’s because they may increase the risk of bruising and/bleeding.
  11. You MUST apply sunscreen everyday to the treated area after the tattoo has completely healed (7-14 days). Sun will travel through clothing. The use of sunscreen everyday on the area will also help the ink absorb and help with itching.
  12. No active tan, self-tanner, bronzers or spray tan 4-6 weeks before and after treatment.

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