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June 5, 2016
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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy!


Keeping your regular appointments with the MedSpa for all of your skincare needs is extremely important to maintaining healthy skin. But what can you do in between your visits to ensure that you are keeping your skin at its’ best? Here are some commonly overlooked tips to keeping your skin looking youthful no matter what age you are!

  • Daily application of aloe vera gel on your dry skin is an easy thing to add to your routine that can benefit you greatly. The acids in the aloe eat away at any dead skin cells it’s applied to and speeds up the healing process.
  • Another thing that most people don’t think about is shower care. Limiting your showers to no longer than ten minutes and keep the water at a relatively cool temperature is very important. Long, hot showers can strip the skin of its’ moisture and wash away your natural protective oils.
  • Adding daily Vitamin C to your diet is imperative for the manufacture of collagen. This, as you know, is what helps your skin keep smooth, youthful and glowing. If taking Vitamin C doesn’t sound appealing, some foods rich in Vitamin C are oranges, guava, kiwi and red peppers.
  • It may seem obvious, but the exfoliation of your skin daily is a task often overlooked. Using a loofah to exfoliate daily will limit dead skin accumulation and drastically reduce your ingrown hairs. Gently scrubbing your body with a loofah in the shower daily will remove the dead skin cells and keep your skin looking rejuvenated and fresh.
  • The last tip is another simple one but is often something we often do subconsciously. Keeping you hands off your face may seem like no brainer, but often times throughout the course of our busy days, we don’t think about small things like this. Limiting the times you touch your face on a daily basis keeps it clean and keeps your pores open. We touch so many foreign surfaces during the day that unless you wash your hands constantly, can cause the spread of bacteria to your face and cause some serious damage.

Some of these tips you may know and some may be lesser known to you; but if you strictly incorporate all of them into your daily routine, you can bet that you will see results quickly. Taking care of your skin not only by coming to the MedSpa regularly but looking out for it in between visits is key to its’ longevity. After all, we are stuck in this skin forever!

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