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More About Our BOTOX and Fillers


Welcome to Pearl MedSpa! We focus on offering a multitude of new and innovative ways to treat a wide variety of problems with any skin type imaginable. Whether you are looking to give your skin a more youthful and healthy look or you are looking for a smoother, more contoured body, we have the solution to achieve any goal you may have in mind.

Among the many services we provide here at Pearl MedSpa, we offer a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to fillers. Other than BOTOX itself, which is currently the only FDA approved method to temporarily improve the appearance of both frown lines and crow’s feet, we offer five other cutting edge, different types of fillers; some similar to BOTOX and others catered more towards specific areas of the body.

A perfect example of one of our treatments that is specifically tailored for a certain area is our Juvederm Ultra Smile filler. Ultra Smile is one of the newest additions to the extremely popular and proven Juvederm brand and focuses on providing fuller, softer lips while maintaining that natural look that so many other fillers are unable to achieve. As we age, the overall volume of the average person’s lips is significantly depleted leaving them filled with wrinkles and fine lines giving them a much thinner and flatter appearance than desired. Ultra Smile helps combat those signs of aging by addressing the lips’ surface and filling those wrinkles and lines to give them a smoother, more voluminous and youthful look. This is only one prime example of the filling options we provide; all administered by CCE, CME, State of Nevada certified technicians.

To check out the full list of BOTOX and other filler services we offer, head over to the BOTOX/fillers link provided below to get detailed descriptions and find the perfect fit for whatever needs you might have!


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