Holistic Light MD Therapy

Harnessing the natural therapeutic power of light and the latest advances in LED technology, this painless, non-invasive low-level infrared light therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in holistic medical treatment.

After 2500 studies and clinical trials, Light MD is the only healing light therapy approved by the FDA. It is also highly acclaimed by doctors, researchers, athletes and beauty specialists worldwide who are inspired by the healing power of infrared light and appreciate its even greater potential for the future.

The combination of the system’s blue and white lights painlessly penetrates the skin’s surface into the underlying tissue. The lights activate many of the body’s natural cellular functions to rejuvenate and produce healthy cell growth, decreasing healing time, pain and inflammation.

Light MD may help ease symptoms for a host of injuries and disorders, many of which are listed below. However, research and anecdotal evidence continue to mount, indicating Light MD may be effective in the treatment of many ailments. For this reason, if you have a persistent health issue that has not responded to conventional treatment, we invite you to discuss your concern with our Light MD expert to evaluate if Light MD might help you.

“My name is Marcia Garcia, and I am the owner of Pearl Medspa. 2014 was a bad luck year for me. During that one year I sustained injuries in three unrelated accidents that threatened to end my 21-year career as a massage therapist. An orthopedic specialist said there was no repair for the injuries to my shoulder, arm and wrist. I didn’t want surgery anyway. Meanwhile, I was in excruciating pain. I couldn’t work, and I might never work again. Then In November 2014, a friend and colleague introduced me to the Light MD LED machine, the first of its kind approved by the FDA. She said she used the powerful blue and white infrared LED lights on herself to heal her own injury and recommended I give it a try. I had nothing to lose, so I did my research. I was impressed by the scientific findings and safety. I applied the Light MD pads to the areas of my injuries and experienced an immediate decrease in pain after the very first treatment! I continued to apply the pads every day, feeling better and better. By March 2015, I was completely out of pain and back to work full time. Now I believe in the healing benefits of Light MD so much, I purchased this incredible holistic healing system to offer as a service at Pearl Medspa. I am grateful to be back to work and proud to be the only facility in all of Nevada to offer this amazing development in non-invasive, drug-free, holistic healing technology.”

Marcia Garcia
Owner, Pearl Medspa

How is Light MD therapy performed?

The pads you see in the photo are placed directly on the skin over the targeted area. The pads are attached by leads to the system’s brain, which contains multiple protocols for transmitting specific wavelength patterns of low-level infrared light, depending on the specific health issue being treated. A series of treatments are usually necessary, but the procedure is completely painless. Treatment sessions last from 40-60 minutes each.

Is Light MD safe?

Yes. In fact, the system is so safe, it can be used daily, if desired. The most exciting part of this miraculous treatment is it does no harm.

How do you ensure best results?

Individual results may vary. However, in order to achieve maximum results and minimize detox side effects as your body expels toxins following treatment, we recommend you drink plenty of water to help flush them out. In fact, we ask you to drink at least a gallon of water per day for a minimum of 5-7 days post treatment.

“I scheduled an emergency massage with Marcia because I had an awful migraine triggered by chronic neck pain from degenerative disc disease. I was so miserable, Marcia suggested putting the Light MD pads on my head and neck for 20 minutes before the massage to loosen up my muscles. I relaxed while painless light entered my head and neck. By the time Marcia returned to the room, my migraine was gone! I was astonished, relieved and delighted. For many health issues, it is my first stop for treatment. I trust it because it is natural, non-invasive and pharma free.”

Cory Dickman
Henderson, NV

Light MD may ease symptoms of the following conditions.

Ongoing research is constantly revealing greater healing applications for Light MD. To date, evidence indicates it may ease the symptoms of the following conditions and injuries. Over time, we expect this list to grow.

Muscle Aches and Strains Muscle Spasms and Knots
Muscle Atrophies
Sports injury
Headaches and Migraines
Painful Cartilage Wear
Painful Ligaments
Swelling and Inflammation
Organ Detox and Rejuvenation

Boost Energy and Immune System
Back Pain
Joint Pain and Injury
Carpal Tunnel
Open Wounds
Bruises and Contusions
Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation
Blisters and Hematomas
Scar Tissue Repair

““As a busy Family Practice M.D., of over 20 years, I am excited as to the many applications of Light MD's Lightsource that I have incorporated into my practice. The machine has been invaluable in expediting healing and well being of my patients for a myriad of appropriate health concerns. I would absolutely recommend this machine to all practitioners.”.”

David Cahn, M.D.
San Jose, CA

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